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"A moment forever" temporary tattoos medium

"A moment forever" temporary tattoos medium

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Size 21x15cm

Placing the temporary tattoos medium

1. Before placing the tattoo, remove the hairs from the hand, because otherwise it will not stick well. The skin should be dry and clean.
2. Cut out the excess paper to make it easier for you. Remove the transparent foil and glue the side so that the tattoo is not in the fold of the hand, because there it will scrub quickly.
3. With a sponge and water, wet the paper from the outside. In half a minute, the tattoo will begin to peel off the paper.
4. Smooth the tattoo with a wet sponge.

5. You can sprinkle with powder, so the tattoo would not stick to the clothes.

6. The durability of the tattoo depends on the place of placement, whether you are working physically or if you are on vacation.

If you keep the tattoo from rubbing in clothes and objects, it can last 2 to 4 weeks. You can wash it. Do not rub.

Начин на поставяне

Remove the tattoo. "A moment forever" temporary tattoos medium

You can remove the tattoo with baby oil and cotton.

It is not advisable to rub it mechanically with sponge and soap, because you can wound the skin.

Skin reactions from temporary tattoos medium

The inks of this type of temporary tattoos are plant-based and no allergic reaction is observed.
If you still have concerns, you can test in advance by cutting off a small part of the tattoo and gluing it on the inside of the armpit.

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