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"Gerbera" yellow pattern bandana

"Gerbera" yellow pattern bandana

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Suitable for all weather conditions. 

Product Description for "Chrysanthemum" yellow pattern bandana

Bandana is a multifunctional accessory suitable to warm you in the cold, as well as soak the sweat from the skin to cool when it is hot.  UV protection from the strong sun.
The lightweight, breathable, microfiber fabric, with a cotton feel, is extremely comfortable to wear.

Use of "Gerbera" yellow pattern bandana
Bandana can be worn as a towel, headband, bracelet, mask, scarf, hair elastic, pirate hat, and also as a bag.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS for "Chrysanthemum" yellow pattern bandana
Made of 100% polyester (microfiber).
Weight: 35g and dimensions 50cm length x 25cm wide.
There are no irritating seams or edges.

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